space rental

We are glad that you rented the studio space. To ensure the best dancing experience in our studio, please follow these rules:

  1. We invite you to use the hall no earlier than the reserved time and leave the hall no later than the end of the reservation time;
  2. Access to the hall works through a code lock, the instructions for which can be found below.
  3. At the end of the rental period, check whether:
  • hardware turned off (amplifier, mixer, etc.)
    air conditioners are turned off
  • closed windows and skylights
  • all lights are turned off both in the hall and in the changing/coaching rooms
  • the door was indeed locked
  1. Please leave the hall clean and tidy 🙂

Thank you very much <3

Small hall

How to unlock smart lock

Access to the building is open d.d. from 06:00 to 21:00 At other times (evenings and weekends) use the code and enter it into the domophone to the right of the entrance door F4 00053579.

Main hall is no. 213, 2nd floor

Small hall is located after the Main hall (no. 213), on the 2nd floor

For security reasons, the doors are kept locked when visitors are allowed in during the rent, and the building’s alarm system is activated at night from 23:00 onwards, so it is important that you leave the building before then if you are renting in the evening.

Opening with code
1. When you arrive, swipe your hand across the top of the lock to make the numbers light up
2. Press the two random numbers that appear
3. Enter the code you have and press the grid #

Remote opening
1. Upon arrival, wait for the administrator to remotely open the hall

Opening with fingerprint
1. Upon arrival, attach a fingerprint

Making a free passage
1. After entering the code or adding your finger, slide by the keyboard without touching, then keys lights up, enter 1 2 3 and press grid #
2. Lock will inform you by sound about „Passage mode is enabled” 

Switching off (closing) the free passage
1. Enter a code or add a finger
2. The lock is triggered twice (opening and closing)
3. Check if locked


IMPORTANT! When leaving the building (on weekends and days after 21:00), make sure that the exterior doors are also closed (both closed and not opening). Failure to do so will result in a fine of €100!

* kortelę (smart lock) galima rasti prikabintą prie durų, ant lentynos arba ant administratoriaus stalo.

Using air conditioners and opening windows

Use of air conditioner

In the Small hall, you will find the air-conditioning console on the table by the mixer. Do not forget to switch off the air conditioner when you leave the premises.

The air conditioner can only be used if the temperature outside is above freezing (+10 and above)

The air conditioner may break down in freezing temperatures outside.

Opening and closing windows

As the windows in Small Hall are high up, they are opened and closed with a metal stick, which is placed on the ground near the mirrors.

To open the window, hook the handle with the hook end of the stick and turn it.

To close the window, hook the metal stick by the handle and twist until the window closes.

ATTENTION! Due to the sound in the hall, the windows can only be opened after 18:00 on weekdays. Please also remember to close the windows when leaving the premises.

Use of equipment

Switch the equipment on on arrival and off on departure.

The sound limit on weekdays until 18:00 is 85db

Switching the lights on/off in Small and Main hall

In the Main hall, the light switches on and off in the corridor in the third panel.

Switch only unsealed switches.

In the Small hall, the lights are switched on in the hall itself.

If the Main Hall is not in use, keep the doors locked and the lights off for security reasons.

Switching RGB LED Lights
in Small hall

You can use it for shooting the videos or to make nicer atmosphere during the classes.


In this case, if something is not working properly, e.g. the audio (aux) cable is not working, a light bulb is burnt out, the hall was unlocked and there was no one in the hall when you arrived, the walls are smudged/damaged, the mirrors are cracked and etc. are damaged or otherwise left unattended, it is essential to take a photo of the room and report it to and in case of an urgent case, call +37067390267